DojiCreator - A Visual Novel Game Creator for Windows (Licensed)

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If you are looking for a limited free version of this. Please use this link: DojiCreator on ShareCG


Visual Novels are my fascination. I wanted to develop a simple to understand language for minimal story work flow. You already know I have developed a Storyboarding software(Digital Story Board), ad Comic making software (QuiComicker and QuiCosee), and now this DojiCreator. The full version is here. You can look at my Free Comic Making software, Digital Story board, Image Librarian etc, if you like my work.

  1. Simple syntax (new scripting language, guide included)
  2. Editor, Language Interpreter and Player at one place
  3. Will work with QuiComicker Image libraries also (The art libraries have to be in My Documents\VS ArtLibraries\*.alib)

What do you get in Doji Creator

  1. Doji Creator IDE to create a Doji Game
  2. Doji Player to play debug and package with your game
  3. One 30+ Background library (1920x1080) for your scenes (Please in My Documents/VS Artlibraries)
  4. Help Manual

What's new in 0.6 .2(30 Oct 2023)

Few defects fixed

  1. Styles definition has label styles incorrect
  2. Creating new script and txt files adds a ")" in the extension of the file, hence is not recognized by the editor
  3. Space in Character name provided.

What's new in 0.6 .1(29 Oct 2023)

  1. "end scene" is mandatory now, for a scene
  2. Known defects in 0.6 are fixed.
  3. Variables panel removed, because intellisense is giving enough help.

What's new in 0.6 (24 Oct 2023)

I asked myself, why not add Audio support to the creator. There you go, it materialized. Using NAudio library (Under MIT license).

  1. You can set game level background music(at start) and volume anytime
  2. You can set any other quick sounds, or commentary during play, and also volume of it any time
  3. Mp3 and Wav support.
  4. Game wait till audio finish
  5. Audio recorder incorporated for your own voice
  6. Bare dialog file updates with speaker names, by applying Characters on it. (Dialog editor feature)
  7. Character.pose also supports arrive and leave feature.
  8. And some defects fixed (Config file errors)
  9. Game manual updated.
  10. Added facebook support link for any queries.

Known defects:

  1. Code for navbutton in snippet is old version. The documentation for this part is also incorrect. However application has no defect. Syntax guide is wrong.
#Wrong code
navmenu somename
    navbutton buttonname scenename  #wrong
end navmenu
#right Code
navmenu somename
    navbutton image=imagename,scene=scenename  #Right
end navmenu
  1. The inbuilt folder is created outside of "Core" folder when a new game is created. For now users can move manually the folder into Core. Will be fixed in next fix release
  2. "charname.posename appears at loc". This is shown wrong. For now, use the statement without appears or remove the dot.

What's new in 0.5

Huge amount of work went in 0.5 to bring in many features, apart from fixing defects.

Features added:

  1. Character Object support , for both images, dialogs
  2. Many features for Characters
  3. Dialogs optionally into text files, with background image embeddding in dialogs.
  4. Configuration separated from game content
  5. Syntax highlighting, typeahead feature, and Image library browse.
  6. Full help file rewritten.
  7. Search in files
  8. Dialog Editor
  9. Font, Image styles, with generation support
  10. Character creation tool
  11. Speaker thumbnails, Enhanced Cheats (00cheats.dsc added)
  12. Watch window for debugging variables during game play
  13. Optional background transitions (on a high speed computer)
  14. Randomized display of characters poses,( If hero anger 01.png, hero anger 02.png exist, then hero.anger at center will show a random pick from the two, which gives a degree of randomness to you)
  15. Random background show (if you have backgrounds officescene 01.jpg, officescene 02.jpg, then bg officescene * will show a random background from the two)
  16. Dictionaries along side arrays for dialogs for small script files
  17. Added goback, goto current/caller support

What's new in 0.3.6

  1. Now the array can also have backgrounds with simple syntax

#Content of Dialog file "introduction.txt"

bg livingroom

Vijay:Hello Ajay

bg corridor

Ajay: Hello Vijay

#content of Scene

scene start

array intro=loadfile(introduction)


text "This is how you can have both dialogs and backgrounds"

goto exit

What's new in 0.3.4

  1. Defect fix release, assignment operators while arithmetic operations

What's new in 0.3.3

  1. There is a defect in If conditional handling while using Runtime arrays

What's new in 0.3.2

  1. Some defects fixed in conditional handling, menu display etc
  2. Dialogback, Text, Speaker Styles customizable

Tutorials Playlist: DoliCreator Tutorials on Youtube

What's new in 0.3

  1. Arrays and Dictionaries (Special cases for dialogs and conditions, details in pdf)
  2. Screen location calculator
  3. Build, Run, Package separated.
  4. Backgrounds.arlib free

Only for Windows 10,11. Non Windows guys, excuse me here.

Doesn't use DirectX for rendering, so if you use movements, it could be slow relatively. I need to look at DirectX implementation, which I have no clue as on date! :D

Happy game writing. I wish to receive constructive feedback from users. If possible send feedback, or send some donation to support the work.

It creates all your games in My Documents\Doji Games, every time.

I am giving a sample game with images, put the game also in the same folder and open it, to understand the syntax.

For support, join the facebook group:

Thank you

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DojiCreator - A Visual Novel Game Creator for Windows (Licensed)

0 ratings
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