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I have released an opensource, much needed software for Photographers, Graphic artists. I have tried Bridge, PS Elements, Irfan view etc. I needed simple straight forward and performing, customizable software, so I began to develop this. I wish to share this with others. You can ask questions on how to use it, and raise defects, but you know the disclaimer, It is open source.

Current Release 0.4.7

Feature added

  1. Ignore folders (Regular expressions). This is needed esp, for Graphicart using libraries that ImageLibrarian uses, so creates a _thumbs folder, which may be read by ImageLibrarian, if the folder is loaded later into ImageLibrarian. (If it is already loaded, no issues)

Defects fixed:

  1. Due to Last mod time being null in some cases, Search results are showing empty thumbnails

Release 0.4.4


  1. Added a new feature, to check other drives for missing files (View, Copy only), not delete

Defects fixed:

1. Fixed a defect of showing jaggered images in the image viewer.

Release 0.4.3

Features Added:

1. Performance improved (0.4.2, and 0.4.3)

2. Added a new menu option, Copy to Workfolder, which without asking where, copies to your set work folder, to accelerate your work. (If the menu is disabled, either the folder is not set in Settings, or is not existing any more, just be aware)

3. Now copy/cut menu also copies single image(Not all selected thumbnails, but one last) to Global Clipboard to make image available for other applications like paint, word etc (The PNGs somehow are losing transparency, not sure how to fix it at this point)


Defects fixed

  1. Individual Images selected to be imported, are not loading

Features added in 0.4

  1. Cute yellow border for all images
  2. Add your folder structure as tags to all your images, so that you don't loose the hierarchy and searcheability of already properly set hierarchy
  3. Performance improved for selecting thumbnails (earlier in sequence, now it is calculated based on location)

Defects fixed

  1. After a height of 32737(max int value), the thumbnails are not selectable, fixed

The product page is here

For support and offers, do join the group:

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Setup for Windows 10,11

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I want this!