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Many times we download many images into download folder of browsers, and to organize them selectively into our graphic libraries is a night mare. Here is one software which brings a simple, performing, powerful interface before you to do the job well.


  1. Windows 10/11
  2. .NET 8.0 (Download from here:
  3. 2GB of HDD

Notes: In every source folder it creates a \_tns folder to store the thumbnails. Sometimes, you may want to clean it up. You need to have write permission on source folder. Otherwise, it doesn't work.

What's new in 0.3

  1. Now ignored files are moved to a sub folder "ImgMvr-Ignored" under the source folder
  2. There is a simple image editor ported (which was a part of ImageLibrarian tool)
  3. Now you can Ctrl+Dblclick to edit a single file using your favourite image editor
  4. Now it will convert webp images to jpg, if included (Thanks to Moraba wrapper around libwebp library)

What's new in 0.2

  1. Defect fixed, "Not found \_tns directory, when first time renaming files"
  2. Added feature to rename files in target directory.
  3. Resize-Rearrange of thumbnails fixed.

Features in Version 0.1

  1. Identify jpg, jpeg, png, bmp (Only) files
  2. Ability to rename all files in numeric, from a specific start value (numeric naming)
  3. Ability to prefix files and then start from 00001 to n as a name (alphanumeric prefix)
  4. Delete selected files
  5. Copy single image
  6. Move selected files to selected folder on right
  7. Create multiple destination folders and select one at a time to move selected files
  8. Ability to view contents of destination folders by double clicking destination folder nodes
  9. Ability to track multiple destination roots
  10. Multi select and ignore files (Ignore files, after renaming, if you want to rename, because files once ignored , and then renamed will appear naturally in next load). If you dont want to rename, it is fine then.

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