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When I wrote my book, I needed desperately some organized manuscript keeper. I evaluated a few and found not an economic option. So I first created Manuscribe, working for a couple of months, and then began writing a book! Interesting journey isn’t it? Manuscribe in its 0.5 version, free to use. Manuscribe is an Author’s Assistant, to create manuscripts for publishing, or self publish an e-book with outstanding appearance.

Manuscribe is meant to assist authors in their manuscript. It also comes with benefit of self publishing a e-book in pdf format. It works on Windows 10, and gives enormous flexibility and also tracking mechanism to the Author, besides organizing and keeping his each book and work together. It is inspired by Scrivener, but driven by new ideas and thoughts.

What’s new in Version 0.5

  1. Ported to 0.5
  2. Source converted to Open source

What’s new in Version 0.4

  1. Ability to quickly save and retrieve research work
  2. Ability to add YouTube videos to research work
  3. Pages can be given names now
  4. Help has youtube video section now
  5. Few defects fixed

What’s new in Version 0.3

  1. Spell checker added
  2. Ability to do a seamless edit
  3. Few defects fixed

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Manuscribe Setup 0.5

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