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Pattern Designer for Windows

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Pattern Designer will prove indispensable tool for 2D and 3D artists. Design fantastic 2D patterns from 100x100px to 2048x2048px. It includes a library of floral images and this library continues to grow. Pattern Designer gets free patterns from time to time, and you are welcome to share your patterns with other community members.

If you are looking for a free limited version, please download it from Share CG:

Limited Edition is here

Full Edition: (Only 12$ - Discount if any)

  1. Up to 2K size canvas
  2. Shape Editor
  3. More than 3 layers

Limited Edition (Free):

  1. Upto 400px size canvas (enough for most work)
  2. Up to 3 Layer support

What's new in 1.0.4

Ported to Gumroad License.

Pattern Designer contains 3 tools in itself

1. Pattern Designer

2. Seamless Editor

3. Shape Maker, for quick art in your patterns

4. And 23 inbuilt patterns and tens of images for you to play with

What more, grab it now!


  1. Windows 10 or 11
  2. 100MB of disk space
  3. 8GB or more of RAM
  4. A good CPU

Education! (Old Video, but gives a highlevel overview)

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Pattern Designer for Windows

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